Skinny laMinx Diggi Dot Collection

The lovely Heather of Skinny laMinx recently popped to Durban for a quick visit and to share her new Diggi Dot Collection. The story and concept behind the collection is particularly enchanting. I suggest watching the short-film which captures the spirit and inspiration perfectly (click here to see).

Each pattern and print fits in beautifully with the signature Skinny laMinx aesthetic and when paired together they create a vibrant, layered look. The team have put together an array of ways to style the fabrics and products which makes for a visual feast. For example, the Signal & Steel colour board (above) shows how effortlessly it all works. My personal favourite is most certainly Gridly... it's simply very pleasing to look at and the minty shade is particularly perfect.

I chatted to Heather about the collection to understand the thinking behind it and of course it's always inspiring to get a personal insight into Skinny laMinx. I really enjoyed hearing about the Cape Town launch which was much like Heather's Making Fridays. Attendees were able to visit the upstairs studio space (snoop a bit as Heather said) and get creative.

I also marvel at how the brand is so wonderful at creating fresh products with an element of consistency which doesn't feel churned out. Part of the inspiration is travel which leads to new designs, balanced with what works with the current items. Heather is off on an adventure at the moment, so be sure to watch her Instagram account for snippets of her trip to LA. She'll be stopping in at Heath Ceramics and touching base with stockists on the east coast. 

Skinny laMinx wants to share the #DiggiDot fun with you and one lucky reader can stand the chance of winning two cushion covers from the new collection. 

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I've been enjoying my very own #DiggiDot spoils for storing - stationery (obviously). Happy entering and if you get decide to add a hint of Diggi fun to your home - be sure to share it on Instagram using the hash tag.