Creative Business Exchange - Cape Town

I somehow haven't shared the photos from the Creative Business Exchange in Cape Town. I worked with Decorex & Caesarstone to host a creative business workshop. The overall experience was so wonderful and it was an honour to be able to share my knowledge and to parnter with two awesome brands. Visiting Cape Town, staying in a lovely hotel, chatting to creatives... what more could a girl ask for! In addition Heather Moore of Skinny laMinx and Haldene Martin spoke about their own creative business journeys. They are both successful in their own right and I relished being able to gain from their insight.
If you want to know and see more about my experience or what the workshop was focused on... then take a look and listen:
Feature on BizCommunity & One More: Thanks to the lovely Leigh Andrews.
Interview on CliffCentral: It was great to speak to the Rookie and Rockstars team.
A few pics from the Durban event.
A quick chat about the experience.