Perfect Timing with JORD

I have a deep love affair with wood... I grew up around with a grandfather who was a master at furniture restoration. My dad having learnt the trade has also passed it on to Daniel, my husband and now we all contribute to the family business which specialises in furniture design. With wood being so intergrated into my life - it was no surprise that JORD Wood Watches caught my eye - especially as I am able to wear a timepiece that echos my heritage and style. Pale Maple paired with rose gold equals absolute perfection.

JORD Wood Watches sent me this incredibly beautiful watch which I have been wearing and loving. What was particularly useful was the fact that they sent me an easy way to measure my wrist and then sized my watch for me. I have particularly thin wrists and when I buy a new watch I always have to have links removed prior to wearing it. In this case I could slip it on and wear it immediately - which made for a welcome change. The spare links were included in the box so I can size up if need be.
Watches, timepieces or chronographs are more popular than ever. Time... the oldest commodity of all is still so key despite all the modern elements introduced into our world. How we make use of it is still central to how we live and how fulfilled we are. When I am running errands or keeping time within my one on one consulting sessions it makes me happy to glance down and look at something lovely. It adds to my journey as an entrepreneur and allows me to set myself apart, use my time wisely and to feel inspired with every second that passes.

As you know all to well by now my love for details and packaging is at the core of my thinking and JORD really ensures that each element is taken care of. Pair that with great branding and you have the ultimate in smart, useful packaging that is almost ornamental in its beauty. The watch was sent in a wooden box will a sliding lid and a plump cushion for the watch to sit upon which now happily lives on my dressing table. It kept it safe while it took its long snail mail journey to South Africa. 

It's so lovely when a functional item can also be a conversation piece and  people always look twice. That has been one of my favourite parts of wearing my new watch... being able to share the story with others and of course that rose gold face keeps me pretty happy too!

*Posted in collaboration with JORD. All views are my own and this is a product that I truly use in my personal capacity.

Voucher Special: The Gift of Creative Business Success

January is just around the corner and it always fills me with joy when I can open my new diary, begin goal setting and preparing for a happy and successful year ahead. To celebrate an awesome year and to spoil you - I am offering the perfect gift for receiving via snail mail (well, speedy snail mail). Creative business and pretty parcels - my two passions are paired together in this year's voucher special. Details below - there are only ten available so get in touch asap.

What is the voucher for?
It is for a one on one consulting session for up to two hours of business guidance. I run the sessions via Skype or FaceTime for those not based in Durban so everyone can make use of the service. It is one of the most popular aspects of my business where creatives get to tackle concerns or ideas directly related to their needs. The session is ideal for those just starting out or thinking of taking the creative business leap. It is however, suitable for creative businesses at any level. I cover what you would like me to. Sometimes it's a pep talk, or a strategy... it's up to you and if you don't know where to begin then don't worry, I can help with that too.

There are only ten of these special packages available so don't delay. They sold out last year in record time.

How to buy your voucher / gift:
It's really easy to buy the voucher - just email me so I can get the correct details - please include:
  • Your full name.
  • Name of person you are gifting it to.
  • Postal address for where you want it to be sent to.
  • Name of closest post office to address (if you know).
  • Contact number of person voucher is being sent to. 
I will then invoice you and once your payment is received - your order is confirmed.

Vouchers will be posted off at the end of this week and will arrive at the closest post office to the address by Tuesday 22nd December. I can either send it to you or to your friend - please specify. If you are based in Durban you can collect it or receive your items at your session.

For R400 you will receive:
A two hour session voucher (valid for six months).
A notebook to capture your ideas and to start planning for success.
Free overnight postage via Speed Services to your closest post office. Will arrive by Tuesday 22nd December.
Each package is wrapped in my signature style and includes a free 'Season's Greetings' postcard.

The total value is R550 including all the little added extras and the overnight postage, but I'm offering it for R400 up until Thursday 17th December. The voucher is valid for up to six months so the recipient can book a session to suit their schedule.

To buy your voucher - just email me (click here).

Here are a few kind words from Colleen van Heese - Lieflingkind Stationery & Design. Colleen received a voucher last year as a Christmas gift from her kind and sweet husband.

An Oh Happy Day Celebration

Working with creatives and seeing their dreams become a reality is surely one of the most rewarding aspects of my work. I started consulting with Joelene late last year as she launched her business Oh Happy Day. What struck me most was Joelene's incredible personality - after our first consult - I already felt like friends. This year she has worked on some amazing weddings and styled some exceptional shoots - including ones featured on Lovilee and The Pretty Blog (amongst others). Not bad for the first year of business. At the same time Joelene was juggling a busy and intense day job, but her determination never let up and today she steps into a bold new world! It the relaunch of Oh Happy Day and officially Joelene's first day of freedom from the corporate world! Exciting indeed.

Working with Joelene this year has been an absolute honour. We have both worked very hard to make the rebrand and launch of her site as perfect as possible, with the aim of reflecting all Joelene stands for. With the assistance of several highly talented, local creatives - the new look is here! Hooray! I very happily and proudly welcome you to - Oh Happy Day... take a look.

Joelene is hosting an exclusive giveaway for engaged couples to celebrate which will launch on her blog later today. In the meantime here is a sneak preview of the media packs we worked on with Peg & Pencil.

The site was setup by Nicola Tweed and the new look branding was lovingly penned by Fathima of Happiness Is. I worked with Joelene on the process and guided her through creating the best brand and business possible and I loved the challenge!

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