Perfect Timing with JORD

I have a deep love affair with wood... I grew up around with a grandfather who was a master at furniture restoration. My dad having learnt the trade has also passed it on to Daniel, my husband and now we all contribute to the family business which specialises in furniture design. With wood being so intergrated into my life - it was no surprise that JORD Wood Watches caught my eye - especially as I am able to wear a timepiece that echos my heritage and style. Pale Maple paired with rose gold equals absolute perfection.

JORD Wood Watches sent me this incredibly beautiful watch which I have been wearing and loving. What was particularly useful was the fact that they sent me an easy way to measure my wrist and then sized my watch for me. I have particularly thin wrists and when I buy a new watch I always have to have links removed prior to wearing it. In this case I could slip it on and wear it immediately - which made for a welcome change. The spare links were included in the box so I can size up if need be.
Watches, timepieces or chronographs are more popular than ever. Time... the oldest commodity of all is still so key despite all the modern elements introduced into our world. How we make use of it is still central to how we live and how fulfilled we are. When I am running errands or keeping time within my one on one consulting sessions it makes me happy to glance down and look at something lovely. It adds to my journey as an entrepreneur and allows me to set myself apart, use my time wisely and to feel inspired with every second that passes.

As you know all to well by now my love for details and packaging is at the core of my thinking and JORD really ensures that each element is taken care of. Pair that with great branding and you have the ultimate in smart, useful packaging that is almost ornamental in its beauty. The watch was sent in a wooden box will a sliding lid and a plump cushion for the watch to sit upon which now happily lives on my dressing table. It kept it safe while it took its long snail mail journey to South Africa. 

It's so lovely when a functional item can also be a conversation piece and  people always look twice. That has been one of my favourite parts of wearing my new watch... being able to share the story with others and of course that rose gold face keeps me pretty happy too!

*Posted in collaboration with JORD. All views are my own and this is a product that I truly use in my personal capacity.