Checking In

Hello dear readers...
I wanted to check in and give you a few updates. Things are on the go as always in the NvdM office. Consulting session bookings are going wonderfully well, which makes me so happy as it means business owners are empowering themselves to build better brands! I was in Cape Town in March and connected with clients there and I am heading back for a partnership with Decorex at the end of April. I will be sure to share the details with you very soon!

In other news I have now officially been in my office for over a year and how it has changed my business. I think there is a blog post somewhere in there. 

I am currently consulting to corporate businesses too which is really interesting. One is a marketing company and the other is an agency. Their work is vastly different, but it is so inspiring to be able to contribute to large campaigns, but in a really creative way. 

I have some additional plans for both my brand and office, along with this here little blog. Now... to make the time for it.

If you are missing regular blog posts - can I invite you on over to Instagram in the meantime while the changes take place...

You can follow me here:

nadiavdmescht: Business updates about my brand, the experience I offer clients and things that are part of the consulting element of things.

nvdmpersonal: A personal glance into my life. This shares the moments that are just as the name states - personal. Family, friends, home, husband and anything that touches my heart.

nvdmcreates: I am not crazy in having various accounts - I just really like to keep content very focused and need to respectful to my business and not clutter it up with too much fluff! This is where I get my planning on paper done. It shares a look at my stationery obsession (it's dangerous) and a peep at my Filofax. I have also started a local community so feel free to join - just tag your photos using the relevant hash tags: #filofaxsouthafrica, #plannersouthafrica or #snailmailsouthafrica

Chat soon and even sooner if you want to pop me an email (click here).
Here is a look into my office - my happy (tidy) space which I just love welcoming clients into. It is located in the Station Drive Precinct which is evolving almost overnight. Wonderful for Durban and SA as a whole. Beautiful photo by Eileen of Brightgirl Photography.