Faraway Friends & UncommonGoods

Love, relationships, progress, joy... distance. Ah, distance my old friend. Why, is it that we find ourselves so far from some of the most important people in our lives? Separated by oceans and excessively priced air travel and often times tears too. We are spread across a globe so vast and yet our hearts can feel so close together. As a self-employed, hard working woman - very sadly I often find that my RSVP's to those dotted around the globe are of the negative type. No... sadly, regrettably, unfortunately, heart-achingly I will  not be able to attend your milestone birthday, your engagement to your true love, your beautiful wedding, the baby shower for your beloved bundle of joy. Of course these are not the words I use, but as a sentimentalist with many a faraway friend my heart feels these things when I can't jet across the ocean to celebrate with them. It is in those moments that I find it a close and comforting conciliation prize to send a special, heartfelt gift. However, I have found that sending something from South Africa often means it only gets there months later. Over time I have discovered a small batch of overseas stores and online sites from which to send that something special so it makes it in the nick of time. 

As I enter into a new chapter of my life along with many of my dear friends, there is so much to celebrate, but also not always a chance to hop or skip off to another country. Through searching and eventually finding I have become such a fan of UncommonGoods for spoiling those faraway friends who I can't see in person (must keep filling that piggy bank).  They do ship to South Africa, but you see that defeats the object (I must resist). Besides the above little shopping collection looking very suited to my tastes, I do assure you that it isn't for me (promise). A selection of perfectly found gifts and treats to spoil a few of my favourite people and there is even a chance for a touch of personalisation for a hint of extra love. Whether I am thinking of one of my best friends Tammy in London and her penchant for cats and fashion, or the most organised friend I have... Misha, in Colorado I know that each will receive something chosen with love by me, packaged up with care and posted off safely.

The bonus for my business brain is the handmade, artisanal approach of UncommonGoods. A selection of creative, carefully curated products that tell a story and in turn support makers, crafters and artists - just  a few of my favourite "job titles". 

"We're growing not only our artist family, but also a strong following of customers who celebrate artists and delight in surrounding themselves with creative design." 
~ UncommonGoods ~

Okay, but quick side note please look at the Llama purse, too good to not have and the kitty bracelet. That's all... I will stop, it's gift list after all.