My New Office Journey

29 May 2017

When you run a small, independent business moving your office out of home and into an official space is a damn BIG DEAL. I remember when I first realised I needed to make that move, I was trying to fall asleep, late at night and the next thing I knew I had created a "NvdM Office" Pinterest board as the clock struck 1am (you know creativity... not keeping office hours). The decision worked out better than I could ever have expected. I found the ideal space in Station Drive, Durban's creative hub. It truly became one of my happy places. 

However, towards the end of last year things were changing and my office would no longer be available come 1st of January 2017. Life had already taken on some big changes and so I sort of just absorbed it in amongst the other elements that were in my mind already. 

Affordable office spaces are not aplenty in Durban, I know this from my original office search. I was however very lucky to be updated about a new space that was being developed in Station Drive alongside Con Amore, the beautiful interior design store - The Loading Bay. Upon my first visit there wasn’t much to see (see the above photos), but with some imagination I was able to envision working there. I needed to think and figure out if I was going to take the space, the rent was higher than I was paying and I needed to reassess my direction, goals and business. Questions, so many questions! With the help of a friend I came up with a list of all the things I needed to think through and ask about taking on a new space. 

As you can surely tell by now that “new space” is now my office. It really has been a very different experience to my first office. Finding myself in a challenging chapter of my life really added to it being a great deal more difficult to settle in and embrace change. To do basics like style and arrange all the pretty things and then to form a new habit of actually going to work so to speak. With the support of my parents and friends I am finally utilising the space and getting that spark of joy when I unlock the door.

Want to visit my office for a cup of tea and some creative business insight? Let's chat... send me a digital note.

Want to visit my office for a cup of tea and some creative business insight? Let's chat... send me a digital note.