The Countdown Carnival at Cupcake Couture

30 November 2009

New Buttons - just waiting to be made into market day delights.

Today the official countdown to I heart Market begins - 5 sleeps to go! During this week I will be handing out little gifts as well as some other treats. Start counting, save each penny and get ready for some delightful fun!

The Thrift Book

Yesterday I skipped over to Adams Books as my copy of The Thrift Book had arrived. Such an inspirational read. Take a look at to read some of the wise words.
India Knight writes: "If someone adult had given you a home-made gift a few years ago, you'd have thought, aah bless, and shoved it in a drawer. If someone gave you one this aftenoon, you'd be delighted."
Just a reminder to buy handmade!

Cupcake Couture at Carol Clark

29 November 2009

You can now find Cupcake Couture at Carol Clark's shop in McKeurtan Avenue in Durban North - next to Boston Ivy Florist. Her shop is a real treat!

A Cupcake Couture Week

My week in photos. From left to right: 1. Lucy's Cake Shop 2. Biscuits from the Trend Team at my day job 3. Cupcake Couture at Fat Tuesday 4. Another view of Fat Tuesday and a glimpse of Luckyou Handmade's creations 5. More Fat Tuesday 6, 7 & 8. New Creations by Cupcake Couture 9. A super cute illustration on my notebook.

Aaron Tilley

28 November 2009

I am loving the clear lines and precise work of photograper Aaron Tilley.

26 November 2009

Cupcake Couture Photo

With Summer basically upon us...minus a raindrop here and there, I decided to think up some perfect ways to spend a holiday. My favourite - the caravan way. I haven't personally had a caravan holiday. I am not really the camping type. Nightmares of spiders, soggy sleeping bags, being cold and several other scary things keep my vivid imagination occupied. The girlie girl within shrieks at the thought! The idea of a pretty airstream, however is a bit more managable. They conjour up a world of old world holidays when a trip down the coast could be a magical experience. Freedom, the wind in your hair, roadside stops, burgers at a diner, love stories and polaroid memories are just a few of the thoughts that compliment such a trip. Take a moment to come on a little journey with Cupcake Couture.


Vintage Vacations

The Grand Daddy

The Tiny House

Airstream Teapots

Kiko's House

Vintage Cases

The Bay Area Bourgeois

"A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving." -Lao Tzu

One tent I might consider...

Find more inspiration see Caravan Style

Did I hear you say...GIVEAWAY!

25 November 2009

I found this blog or rather this blog found me today and I am just loving it. The blogging realm is so vast that no one soul could ever touch all of its sides and so I find it particularly wondrous when a lovely blog links you to someone near or far. Take a look at Lana's blog - lanalou. It ticks all the right boxes...colourful, fun, inspirational pretty and might I add she is having a giveaway. Tough to resist - off you go!

24 November 2009

Miss Bibi is inspired by children's books, games, toys and miniature objects. These intricate, tiny designs made me think twice about the Monopoly pieces. I can see it already top hat, doggie, iron, ship all dangling from my new charm bracelet!

Your invite...

23 November 2009

Remember there are three I heart Markets in December. How jolly!

Longing for some Light

I am a big fan of these LED and neon letter lights. Available from M.Goldstein where my favourite Madame hangs out. Pity they are all the way in London. Excess baggage?

Craft Rooms

It is so nice to peer into these craft rooms. So interesting to see how other creative minds arrange and organise their thoughts.


I think the idea of painting or drawing on plain shoes is so cool. These are from Academy for Wayward Girls. TWO recently did something similar for their Sanlam SA Fashion Week show.

New Creations

22 November 2009

Here are a couple of my weekend creations. These are all off to Mooi, Fat Tuesday and a new shop that I will be stocking, but more on that in the new week. Happy Monday to all!

Perfect Penner

21 November 2009

I need prints like these for my home to add a super cheery feel. I discovered them via N.E.E.T Magazine. See more...

I am just about ready to move into this heavenly home in Basset Road - a location in London that can be used as a set or for stills. The colours, the layers...just lush!