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The lovely Angie and Jo from Hello Fox will be in Durban this weekend and besides shopping for vintage and buttons they will be selling there cute and quirky accessories on my stall at The Red Eye Joomba (Friday Night) and at I heart Market (Saturday).  Exciting stuff if you ask me! 
 Look out for a Cupcake Couture giveaway being hosted on their blogs from tomorrow!  Can't wait to have these creatives in our city!

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Tuesday has rolled on and I hope your Monday wasn't too blue! 

This is one of the birthday gifts that I received earlier in the month.  It has prime position on the windowsill next to my desk.  Such a kind friend who shared a piece of her garden with me.  I love the detail of the heart, little birthday candle and twine.
Thank you!

I heart Market visits far away...

I hope your weekend was just lovely.  Mine was fairly relaxing.  I did catch up with a lovely friend for a long chat, strawberries and shortbread as well as shop for new buttons and work on some products for next weeks I heart Market.

I thought I would kick off the week and share something new and exciting with you.

Circus is a bookazine with global contributors - in their own words:

"When worlds collide, something new is born: From the ultimate clash between online and print came CIRCUS – the very first international blogger bookazine. The avant-garde journalists of the internet contribute bi-annually to a new, monothematic issue of the CIRCUS series. They write in their mother tongue about the questions that burn inside them and they show us the world as they see it through their words, photos and illustrations."

It is fifteen days to go until it is available and I can only imagine how extraordinary this collection of opinions and thoughts will be.  New perspective is always welcome and with publications like Frankie and Love giving us a new view on the world why not invite Circus into your life to.

I was very honoured to do a post for them sharing some of 'our' world or rather some of Durban life.  I heart Market is a joyful calendar date in my diary and to best reflect a slice of my life I decided to share of pieces of it.  See my post here and check out more of the bookazine here...

The Style File

Not one of my most exciting ensembles, but thought I would share it anyway as I tend to avoid these posts.  My favourite touch of the day was the layered necklaces that I wore.  Today had to be a jeans and flats day as working on new product for Autumn 2011 at the day job.  Comfort is key at the moment.

Jeans - Mr Price, Blouse (Vintage from a London charity shop) layered over nude top (Woolworths), Pumps - Burberry, Necklaces - mixed vintage with little bag charm from London, Marc Jacobs key and chain from New York.  Belt - Vintage

I don't find these outfit posts easy to do as not always sure which outfits you would like to see.  Let me know your thoughts...and I will try and share more.

Oh! What a day!

August has been quite a month for amongst normal life my Bridal Shower happened and what a lovely and beautiful day it was.  Although the wedding is only in November, it was held early as my MOH (maid of honour) lives in Cape Town and we thought it best to avoid the pre-wedding rush.  The theme was 50's Housewife and my Mom together with my bridesmaids did such a wondrous job. 

Thank you so much my delightful ones!  Another thank you to Tori who took the photos and to my friends and family for spoiling me.  Cupcakes, presents, friends...these are a few of my favourite things...


I am a firm believer in taking in your surroundings and exploring your city like tourist.  Durban holds many secrets and by taking the road less travelled you can discover something that has always been there. 
Street Scene Alternative Tours wants to show you our city.  I got the opportunity to speak to Richard one of the Durbanites behind this unique concept!

Street Scene Tours is more than a typical tour company - we have an amazing tool to build some special relationships with the communities we are visiting. More importantly - Street Scene is aiming to break down some of those stubborn racial barriers that still exist in our newly democratic country. The warmth and welcome we receive is something that, Sthembiso and myself, strongly feel is an experience that every South African should have.

What was the inspiration or initial thought process behind Street Scene?

After a stop at the Durban Tourist Junction and scouring the shelves for a tour to recommend a visiting friend - I realised there was nothing that I would do. Having spent my previous 3 years sailing the world and going on various tours I knew that within our culturally diverse and colourful city and more to offer than the standard city tours I came across. I decided I truly needed to explore my city as much as possible so I could give guests to our city a true reflection of how we Durbanites spend our time as opposed to the tourist destinations that Durbanites rarely visit. This led journey took me to KwaMashu and after spending a day with my now partner Sthembiso, I stated that this was something every South African needs to experience.

You must really believe in Durban / Kwa-Zulu Natal and the heart of our city – what inspires you and what keeps you here?

I have set off many times to foreign lands but always return to my place of birth - right now I actually live across the road from my birthplace of Addington Hospital. South Beach has got this incredible feeling about it at the moment and we're looking to buy a sea front flat by the end of 2010. The people in our city are one of the main attractions to me - taking a walk around observing the various communities is like no other city I have been to. The weather speaks for itself - as I write this to you it's mid-winter and I'm heading to the beach in an hour to catch some sun and play bat n ball. There has been such a shift in the feeling of Durbanites so one of such pride and positivity in what lies ahead and I plan to be very involved in making our city live up to the recent Top 10 world destination to visit for 2010 award. The long term plan is to purchase "My Block" in town and transform it into an expression of Casey (my wife) and my dream hotel. It’s no longer all about Cape Town and Joburg - watch out for Durbs by die see!

Where are your favourite hangout spots and where do you feel most at home?

Favourite spots are numerous -
The Concierge boutique hotel with their Freedom Cafe is currently top of my list. The food treats are designed by legendary chef Neil Roarke and one is superbly looked after by Ricky and Sibs.

I am a coffee nutter who frequents Colombo Coffee for my home brew but Corner Cafe makes the best cuppa in town!

Little Gujarats serves the most delicious curries in town and at R10 per dish it's always value for money.

Zulu Jazz Lounge and King Club are my best venues but Durbanites are still reluctant to venture into town - it's only a matter of time though.

Cafe 1999 - Yes, I know it's not a unique choice but dinner there is always a treat.
List five words that come to mind to describe Durban?

Colourful - Ocean - Cafe 1999- Promenade - Welcoming -

What is your advice to people looking to start their own business?

Do your homework before hand - know what you’re getting yourself into.
Research your competitors and make sure what you offer is unique in some way - people need a reason to try your business.

If you see any opportunity then go for it 100% - believe it what you offer as if you don't then it's impossible for your clients to believe in what you offer.

Thanks Richard for answering my questions and for sharing your Durban haunts with us.  You can find out more about the tours via the Street Scene website or see more photos on the flickr group.

Take the time to enjoy your city - wherever that might be!


Weekend - Wonderful - Weekend

It is here!  The weekend!  I love the feeling I have on a Friday afternoon as the weekend lies ahead of me.  Endless possibilities and free time in which to dream and create!  Have a special weekend use each minute to the max!
See more of these bright prints at Farouche on Etsy

New Ribbon

This new ribbon that I have received is great for projects big or small. 

What craft creations are you working on at the moment? 

I love hearing what you are all up to so please share...
P.S:  You can take a look at Sophie Sweet Vintage to see what I sent my 'package partner' as part of The Package Project.

Kitsch Canine

This little dog ornament is so ugly that he is actually cute.  It has that kitsch quality that makes him very appealing.  I think it must be his stylish accessories.  I bought it as a gift for a friend - I know she will love him!

Meet me at Mike's

I received a really amazing gift for my birthday last week.  This book will change my life - new things to make and the beautiful layout means it is a treat to just look at.  I hope to share some of my new craft projects with you.  Thanks Sam!

A Mooi way of life.

Last week I visited the Mooi ladies and was delighted to see how beautiful the shop looked.  I dream of days spent in a shop like Mooi.  Chatting to shoppers, tidying and rearranging and just being creative and content.  Think I might need to give up the day job and skip off to work in a quaint and pretty little store. only figure out how to still be able to afford my rent and shoe shopping habit!  Mmmm...I am open to suggestions...

This week...

This week I am:
Thankful for a happy weekend spent with friends and family.
Wishing for a couple of extra hours sleep.
Thinking how fun it is to dance the night away.
Hoping for sunny weekend weather so that I can take some photos.
Coming up with wedding decor ideas.
Reading and browsing Lottie Loves.

Decor idea via Overlooking Mississippi

Pretty dots on Lottie Loves...
Enjoy your weekend.

A happy day.

Today is my birthday and the start of a very exciting weekend. I am really blessed to have a dear friend coming to visit, plus some pre-wedding orientated fun too.

Today is not about gifts or age, but rather about spending time doing things I enjoy with people that I love. I am taking a break from blogging until next week. Wishing you a happy weekend!

I created a dream birthday list on Etsy - where better to shop for birthday delight!

Meet you at the Market...x

Don't forget I heart Market this week at the DLI Hall.
Cupcake Couture won't have a stall as taking a little break (until next month's market), but will be there to say hello and to snap some photos!
Meet you there. can read a wonderful article here about I heart Market written by a talented friend.

At Mooi

Thank you to the wondrous ladies from Mooi for stocking Cupcake Couture at the House and Garden Show.
Keep an eye on their store for Cupcake Couture's corsages and ribbon card corsages.  I hope they will be selling like hot cakes.

From far away...

Here is a peep at what I sent my package partner Manon from Sophie Sweet Vintage.  I don't want to show too much so enjoy these two pictures.

Hope you are having a lovely week so far.


Today I am gathering new week August inspiration from:

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