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Just did this guest post over on the Lollyloves blog.  Had such fun looking for all things GREEN!
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Tried & Tested: Vintage & Thrift Online

On Monday I reviewed and wrote about Guard the Vintage.  Thanks so much for your feedback and comments.  I really love hearing what you think.

Today I am going to be telling you about The Thrift Co.  As I mentioned in the first 'tried & tested' thrifting and vintage shopping is really a great way of finding a specific item.

I first met Pippa at an event that she hosted at Antique Cafe.  It was cake, tea and thrifting all in one.

Who is behind the concept?
Pippa and Bevan are the duo who thrift and scout on your behalf.  The most unique element to their business is the fact that they buy items from sellers who are looking to spring no more buyers remorse.  I love using the service when I clear out my cupboard and sell newer pieces that I no longer wear.  Pippa works in fashion and Bevan has great style so together they add their own signature to the 'brand'. 

What did I buy?
I bought a Mr Price nude jacket from the event.  I must have missed it while it was in store so it was a lucky find.

Due to the fact that the couple lives in Durban - I don't have to rely on an email relationship to see or buy products.  I would say that there are several vintage items, but the bulk of the pieces are secondhand.

Packaging & Postage: 
Once again because I can pop round to I heart Market and see what is on offer I have not received my item via post.  I can, however say that their newly launched caravan is a must see.  Worth missing out on the surprise of a package in the post.

Where can I find The Thrift Co?
Online Shop (via blog)
Their Thrift Mobile

The main concern for shoppers when buying secondhand is the condition of items.  Feel free to ask sellers about the condition if not stated.  For example - you can check if all buttons are in tact, zips work or if the item needs repairing.  Damage can easily be fixed and might allow you to customise it further...add new buttons or even add an interesting feature to conceal where an item has been mended.

Read lesson number 1 here.

Thank You!

Thank you to Vicki from I want that wedding for posting about Cupcake Couture's wedding corsages.  Her blog is a treasure chest of resources and inspiration for brides.  I love this inspiration board showing Spring pastels.

Tried & Tested

 If you love the thrill of scrounging around thrift stores, the fulfillment of finding that perfect frock after rail rifling for hours or the sweet success of bagging that blouse that looks like it hopped off The Sartorialist...well then you might not have tried thrifting and vintage shopping online.  The musty smell of charity shops might be more welcoming than sipping tea in front of your computer, but online scouting is often a more defined and guaranteed way of finding that beautiful item without spending hours at your local SPCA shop.  Of course you can't replace one with the other, but my advice is a combination of both.  Regardless of whether you shop on a budget or not, the art of vintage and thrifting allow for a well rounded and unique wardrobe.
I found Guard the Vintage via Embrace Style.  I spotted a coral coloured pencil skirt that I had to have.

Who is behind the shop?  
Yusrah is a student and despite being young she seems to have a natural knack for the business of vintage.  Her finds range from granny's favourites right through to leather pants.

The skirt that I ordered didn't fit me, but Yusrah was really great about it and offered an exchange.  She was friendly and lovely and I have now met her as she travels to Durban for I heart Market.

Packaging & Postage: 
The packaging was neat and pretty, with some extra touches like ribbon and a note.  It took about a week and a half to arrive in Durban.

Where can I find Guard the Vintage?

If you are concerned about a garment fitting you then just double check the measurements with the shop owner.  Alternatively find out what the exchange policy is.  

I have two more online vintage and thrift stores to review...more of that later in the week.  Let me know if you find this post useful and I will aim to share more 'tried and tested' scribbles and facts from my personal experiences.

Fabric fun

What are might be wondering?  They are bow ties...well almost. This week saw Cupcake Couture making bow ties for a wedding shoot.  It was great fun picking the fabrics and working on the pattern.  After my sewing machine had a thread eating disaster - Sam from Hey Cherry helped me to finish them off.  

- Stay Tuned -

Facebook Giveaway

In the spirit of doing things a little differently - I am hosting a giveaway (of the pictured corsage) on the Cupcake Couture Facebook page.

To enter you need to 'Like' the Cupcake Couture Facebook page and then either like the picture of the corsage and / or leave a comment on Facebook - rather than on the blog. 

I am loving all the comments so far - always lovely to hear your thoughts and thanks to those of you who have already entered.

Tan Love

I found this tan pouch at Mr Price.  I have been looking for something similar for ages and grabbed it the minute I saw it! Plus it was only R39.99!  I am on the hunt for a real leather one, but the look and feel of this one comes pretty close.  I love it and it is perfect for my Blackberry, a pen and some shoe money (taking donations).

I heart Market - Tomorrow

I am very excited to be preparring for I heart Market tomorrow at Chelsea Prep.  I hope it will have a bit of a school fete feel.  If you have some time and want a little outting - then please pop by or spread the word.  Thanks and please introduce yourself if you read my blog - I would really love to meet you.

Thrifting, vintage & Fair Lady

So excited to be featured on Fair Lady magazine's blog.  I loved sharing my vintage and thrift tips with them.  You can read the interview here.  

The photo was taken during my Cape Town trip at Haas where we (my dear friend Sam & I) made a late lunch pit stop.  We had really delicious ciabatta rolls and salad and it was so perfect sitting in the armchairs with a ray of sun keeping us warm. 

If you are new to wearing vintage - I hope that these basic tips come in handy.

happy cupcake

Wishing you all a very happy weekend!  What are your plans?

If you are in Durban...come and say hello at the Glenwood Food Lover's Market.  The Night Market team have put this event together and I am excited to have a table in the craft / handmade section.  It starts at 9am in Bulwer Park and will be open until 3 o'clock. 

Link Love:  Local lovelies
Check out this lovely giveaway from ilovebokkie.
Have you seen the beautiful illustrations of China Doll?  Wall worthy work!  
Bonnie & Clyde has some of the best vintage in Durban...much visit for vintage loving magpies.

Cluck Cluck

Thank you to all that have signed up for The Package Project - it is so great reading about your interests and favourite blogs.  In fact it is keeping me so busy that all other posting seems to have moved to the bottom of the list...sorry about that.

I spotted this cool hen at Vamp Furniture's new shop - such a beauty.  Pity I had to come home on a plane and adhere to a luggage limit or else I would have left with half the shop!

The Package Project 2011

It is here - THE PACKAGE PROJECT 2011.  Please read all the details carefully...and email all the correct info to me.

Last year the project was a huge success and was featured on the Frankie blog, PSFK, Google Blogs of Note and Trend Central just to name a few.  Looking forward to having another wonderful swap this year!

Please copy and paste these questions into your email & type your answer underneath the question.   Make sure the subject of your email is The Package Project 2011
Blog URL: http://...(actual link please)
Email Address:
Location: (country & city / town)
What are your interests:
Favourite blogs:  Please email me actual links - not just names.
Please make sure that you follow all the instructions related to emailing and taking part.  Sorry to be strict, but I need to be able to link straight to blogs and all needs to be as clear as possible.

This year the exchange is a world wide project - meaning the aim is to swap with someone in a different country.  If you would like to take part, but want to do it locally then please make sure you mention this in your email...come on be brave and swap internationally. 

If you sign up it means you are committing to sending a don't want to let your 'package partner' down.
Spread the word - if you are taking part please add the banner to your blog and link it.
Click here for the banner.

This month

At the two I heart Markets this month - you can look forward to this...

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