Timeline...making it work for you

I am not the hugest Facebook fan, but I do enjoy using it for my blog and interacting with people every now and again.  Regarding Facebook timeline - I have only heard complaints, no one seems to like it or want it. Tough!  It is staying and is even making it's way over to business pages.  Instead of fighting against it or complaining rather make it work for your creative business page.  We take so much joy in making out blogs look pretty and when Facebook first came out one of the main complaints was that we couldn't customise it.  Well...here it is, a way to customise your space.

But how?
You can start by designing your own Facebook Timeline cover for your business page.  The measurements are 850 x 315 px.   You can keep the dpi to 72 for web related designs.   Here is the one I have created for the Cupcake Couture page. 

Some design tips:
Keep your design simple, but use the space to inform first time visitors of what you do.

Use some of your favourite product photos.  Keep the photos your own as there isn't really a gap to have a credit / alternatively make sure you get permission to use the images you like.

Include your logo and a small snippet of what you do.  Your branding is key throughout your business...whether it be Facebook, Twitter or any additional platforms you use.  Your logo acts as a mental link so make sure you feature it.

Create a similiar design to your blog.  In other words use elements, colours and designs already featured on your blog in order to once again add that 'mental link' between your blog and Facebook page.  Consistency in your design is essential when using various social media platforms for your  business.

Use the space to inform.  You have now got a great gap in which to add something striking and informative about your business.  A simple line on what you do, blog about or sell should cover it.  Think about the aspects of your business and play around with a few phrases.  Ask friends or family to help you sum up what you do, as an outside opinion can be invaluable.

Lastly - have fun!  The fundamental rule of being creative!  

What to do if you can't design it yourself?
I am sure that many creatives will begin to offer this additional design service, but the one I have found that I like the most is Summit Avenue Design.  Their service includes the design and spaces for you to enter your own information. 

Or you are welcome to email me to design one for you.  I will be running a banner special for the next week at a really affordable rate of R300Email me to secure a space so we can get started on making your business Facebook page looking awesome!

UPDATE:  You can also make use of PicMonkey to design your own cover.  They offer a cover collage which makes it easy and quick to design your own.

Meeting Li

The highlight of Desgin Indaba was surely the Trend Union presentation by Lidewij Edelkoort hosted by Woolworths.  I was in sheer awe of Li - a woman who seems so comfortable within herself and her astounding talent to share forthcoming trends and shifts in the way we live.  The presentation was divided into two with the first half focusing on fashion and the second taking a look at design, decor and lifestyle.  Entitled Bliss:  Spiritual moments in everyday life - I felt that the theme predicted a wonderful omen of what we will see unwrap trend wise over the coming seasons.  Take a look at Li's latest project - Trend Tablet for wonderful sharing, direction and information.
*Thanks to my lovely friend's Nirma & Shane for the photo.

Thank you for you comments on my Update post - I have loved hearing from you!

More Milnerton...

I really loved going to Milnerton Market and found so many lovely vintage and thrifted items.  These photos were snapped during my browsing and I wish I had bought the little cat face dish.  I would definitely have bought more if I didn't have to worry about the luggage limit!  Have you visited Milnerton Market?  I often see Instagram pics or tweets about amazing items that have been scoured from this slightly odd, second hand market.  Some of the items on sale are so random and I can't imagine who owned them and even more oddly...who will buy them!  I love hunting around for second-hand items, but I always find it so sad that material objects once loved by someone end up being almost lost in markets and charity shops, with no reference to their former life, story or owner.  I know...I am sentimental!  What are your thoughts about previously loved things? 

Wonder Market

Looking forward to having a stall at Wonder Market on Sunday!  I will be sharing my table with Woodnewz.  Pop by and say hello.

Amy Scheepers: Design Indaba

Amy Scheepers Photography was a favourite of mine at Design Indaba.  I bought this postcard from her - perfect for my office!  Check out her very cool blog and site!  Her work is beyond inspired and she is friendly too (always a bonus in creatives). 

*Note:  My previous Design Indaba post about my wishbone necklace has been removed.  A lovely blog reader informed me that Anomali have copied some of Skermunkil's work (shamelessly) and don't seem to be letting up!  I have zero tolerance with 'copiers'.  Read more here...

A little case

I restored this case last year and sold it to the super sweet Sarah of Urban Lace Interior Design.  The little case was in need of some love and care which I gave happily.  I also made a bunch of brooches to pin onto it.  I was so happy to see it being used in Sarah's engagement shoot.  These photos are by Pickle Photography who will also be photographing Sarah's wedding in April which I have created various decor items for including huge pinwheels!  I can't wait to see the snaps!

Featured: Kristi Kyle Interview & Giveaway

"What started as a small hair accessory collection has grown exceptionally over the last six months. I have just launched a new headband this month that I'm really excited about. I now have them uploaded on my personal shop for locals and my Etsy for international orders {Jewellery will also be available online soon}. I also have a number of truly gorgeous stockists"

Kristi is giving away this really lovely Demi Zipper headband in pale pink and cream.
Pop over to Kristi's blog & become a follower.  Next you can leave me a comment telling me which one of the items in her online shop is your favourite.  Personally I love the Demi Zipper headband in royal blue in teal.  Tell us yours...

Anyone can enter - good news for our friends from over the seas!
Closing Date:  19 March

Samantha de Kock you are the winner.  Congratulations.  Thank you to all of you who entered - we loved hearing which items you liked.

Happy Birthday

This is my little sister and it is her birthday today!  She is quite a cool kid!  Wishing her a magical birthday!  We are so different yet get on super well!  I am sure she thinks I am crazy though and I think she is a hippie!  None the less there is a lot of love between us!  Happy Happy to my little Moni.

Oh...hello there

Oh yes - I am back!  Sorry for the blogging hibernation, but I really needed to tear my mind from work and just be while I was away.  My trip was wonderful and I will sharing it with you next week.  I spotted this orange lovely at Milnerton Market amongst other gems.

Wishing you an inspired weekend filled with people and things you love!

Working with Wendy

Wendy from ilovebokkie was one of my first clients last year on the consulting side of Cupcake Couture and she really is amazing to work with.  She is organised yet exceptionally creative.  Wendy and I have been busy with her website and recreating her blog and it is now complete (well...almost)!  Hooray!  It was great fun to do as Wendy and I are on the same page aesthetically.  A great deal of inspiration came from Danni's blog ohhellofriend and I consulted with her on the design as we wanted something similar, but of course not the same.  Danni gave us her blessing which meant the world to both Wendy and I.  You might have noticed I am now affiliated to Blogmilk (banner on the right of blog) and worked closely with Ana on the blog template.  A big thanks to both Danni and Ana for their invaluable advice, kind words and patience!

Here are the results:
Website - Landing Page
Take a look at the blog too - just click here.

I am so proud of Wendy and Ryan!  They are currently at Design Indaba and I just know their work will be well received. 

Okay - I am off!  See you soon...will try to blog in between, but I might just take a break...I am sure you won't mind.

If you own a creative business and would like some help - feel free to book a consultation with me.  I work via email too so if you aren't in Durban I can still help!  Just pop me an email.

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