My Movie Montage Memory

I have quite an acute long-term memory, sometimes it is painful - all the details I can recall. Outfits, things that were said and emotions experienced are all as crisp as the day that they happened.  This is both a good thing and a bad thing and sometimes it feels like a movie montage of memories which I can't switch off!  It is especially sharp at the moment as I am thinking back to how I have spent my birthdays in the past - part of a reflection process, I suppose.  I lost almost all of the millions of photos I took while I lived in London due to some horrid technical malfunction of which we don't speak!  Tears wiped dry and head held high I am trying my damn hardest to make new memories.  I did manage to find these of a birthday spent in London.  It was a really wonderful day and probably the hottest it was going to get in the Summer of 2007!  Cupcakes, Pimms and lemonade as well as the occasional strawberry coupled with green grass and sunny skies = heaven.

So, this year I say cheers to the good times and think fondly of the friends I miss oh so dearly!  I also think back to a near perfect day spent in Golders Hill Park.

New memories punctuated with a few old ones is never a bad thing...

*Thanks to Pugly Pixel for the pointer on the brushes I used at the top of the post.  Download them here.