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It's no secret that glass bottles, jars and containers are at their most popular - you need only glance at Pinterest or browse a blog.  It also goes without saying that they are exceptionally useful and so deserve all the attention they are getting!

Some fellow bloggers and I, including Roxy from City Girl Searching and Emma from Emma-Jane Nation have teamed with Consol for really cool giveaways, but before we get to that - here are a few of my favourite ways of using glass...

The lovely Fathima of Happiness Is created these pretty tags or labels just for you! You can download them here and decorate your own jars!

Besides a freebie for you in the form of the download you can also enter the giveaway to win a particularly awesome Consol glass hamper.  It is full of cute bottles and handy jars in a variety of useful shapes and sizes.

To Enter:   Giveaway now closed
Post a comment sharing your ideas for glass jar storage or uses.  If you entered one of the other Consol giveaways and didn't win you are welcome to enter again.

Tweet about the giveway or share it on Facebook and in each case include a link to the giveway.
For tweets they need to include @NadiavdMescht and @Consol_Glass.
Entries close - 27 January and this is a local South African giveaway.

Part of the prize is this beautifully designed calendar and recipes that Consol have lovingly compiled.  Happy creating and good luck!

I really loved all your entries and would give everyone a prize if I could, but there can only be one winner in this case and she is Tammy!


  1. Oooh, such a lovely blog post and a fantastic giveaway. I've already downloaded Fathima's beautiful tags - so many uses! I hope I win the glass jars. They are perfect for storing all my ribbons, tags, washi tape and other goodies, and I always use glass jars for beans, pasta, rice in my pantry. Storing it in glass turns it from a 'basic' into a 'beauty'.

  2. Lovely! Can't wait to get on a computer and download the tags. I keep and reuse interestingly shaped bottles for storage and homemade chutney or lemon curd. Tweeted @NicolaLMeyer

  3. love the design on the tags, definitely downloaded and these jars will be perfect to add to my collection of photo's in bottles, looks amazing against a bright painted wall or in front of the window so the sunshine illuminates the photographs.

    Shared the blogpost on Facebook xx

  4. I really like the idea of screwing the lids of jars to the underside of your upper kitchen cupboard and then you fill the jars with tea bags / sugar / coffee, attach the the lids and voila! you have your jars off the surface of the counter and you never have to worry about losing them either :)

  5. cleverbirdbanter.com1/21/2013

    There are SO MANY things I need these Consol glass jars for! I am on a mission to make home made gifts this year, so they'd be very cool for that (body scrubs, jams, salted caramel sauce, herb infused vodkas etc). I love using them to creatively display food/drinks when I have guests - think Ice cream, cocktails, cakey puddings in jars... mmmm! Lovely lables Fathima xx ps. Tweeted too (@andreaCbarras)

  6. Natasha1/21/2013

    I'm continuing the family tradition with a button jar :) I also have most of our food stored in glass jars. Everything from rice to dried fruit to cocoa powder, everything looks more delicious in glass.

  7. HA! Endless use them small jars for my earring & ring collection for my dressing table, another pot for make up brushes & such; then i saw this cool idea where you podge lace onto the glass and use as a candle holder (so pretty); i also want to spray paint some jars and use them in the kitchen for sweets! Great for anything really, cool prize Nadia! @yasCT

  8. I use a lot of glass at home for storage, such as using jars to store ribbons, lace and buttons. Jars and bottles also look great with the inside painted and then displayed on a shelf! Tweeted @vintagekitchy

  9. My best friend used glass jars for all their flower arrangements. :)

    I use my 3 big large Consol jars to store my underwear - just give them some life- as I love cute underwear.

  10. Huibri Schalkwyk1/21/2013

    I love using Consol Jars in my sewing space - a Jar for buttons, a jar for labels, a jar for X stitch threads, a jar for all my packets of needles and left over ribbon. It also comes in handy to keep all your hair bands and hair pins in one place.

  11. What a lovely giveaway :)

    My favorite use of glass jars and even bottles is for an organized pantry. So nuts, seeds, cerals, rice, flour, sugar, dried fruit etc all bottled up nice and safely in my cupboard for easy access AND to keep it all fresh. WINNING? Straws/pastas in bottles even? You can use chalk board paint to paint on labels and write down whats in each jar. Homemade jam/sauces, choc chip cookie mix layers, you know those that you pre-measure, and put in a jar? You then chuck all ingredients in a bowl and only add eggs and oil - PERFECT for a gift.

    RIbbons, buttons, threads, different rolls of tape, bottles and jars for pens, koki's and pencil organizing.

    You can paint dip glass bottles and jars to make them more exciting :) Or tie ribbons around them. Add a piece of string and put tea lights in them and hang them in a tree for evening garden parties (perfect for the CT wind). You can put old beautiful dried flowers in the bottles around the house. Or for fresh flowers :)

    And then they of coarse (bottles AND jars) look absolutely gorgeous at a wedding or a function, with a cocktail / punch and a candy stripe straw for the finishing touch.

    I LOVE the jars, plant to buy some of the energy saving jar lights at the Design Indaba, hope there is a stand there :)

    Twitter: @nikki_viola

    Pick meeeeee xx

  12. I love jars for keeping my nail polish and candy. I also use glass jars for storing all my glitter, beads and ribbons. Not only does this keep my arts and crafts supplies organised, but it creates a wonderful and colourful look in my room. :) It is also a fun way to give life to a party by serving drinks in cute little jars. :)

  13. I'm getting married in October, and would love to have those milk bottle type glass bottles for welcome drinks. I could even mix and match them!

  14. Michelle1/21/2013

    I like to assign a jar to each holiday abroad and fill the jar with ticket stubs, maps, coins and other momentos from the places I have visited. They look awesome displayed on a shelf together.

  15. The real question is what/where wouldn't I use these! Loving the glass jar vibes! Perfect for all rooms in the house. Awesome for creating a vase with a twist, or for planting succulents or herbs for the kitchen counter. Super useful in the garage for organizing all your nuts and bolts! And then there is the endless possibilities in the kitchen- storing sauces, serving cocktails etc. Would even use them in my science lab or to create an awesome home for a little Siamese fighter! Could even make a perfect vessel for a time capsule for loved ones to come!

  16. Glass jars are perfect to store all my craft goodies in! From buttons, sequins, bobbins and ribbons to twine, stickers, sticky tapes and wooden pegs. It's also wonderful to use as a gift package :)

  17. Rehana seedat Would love to use Jars for storing my buttons,beads, sewing needles etc. Have tweeted this giveaway as well. Twittername: @online61524

  18. so many ideas, but the best would be to keep a dream jar and a to do jar, little notes of dreams and little tasks i want t get done. it would be a welcom change from noting everything on my phone or laptop. and i can pretty it up too :)

  19. NicolaGeorge1/22/2013

    I use jars all over my home to store things like kitchen staples, homemade jams, bath salts and hair elastics. But I'd like to try my hand at turning a pretty jar into a snow globe.

  20. Oh my goodness!

    I am desperate for some pretty storage jars for my boyfriend's work area. Being in IT he has a RIDICULOUS number of screws and tiny little tools and wires and goodness knows what gathering dust in his desk area, and I really feel like Consol Jars would be the answer! (plus I can get my organising on)

    I have a few already in the kitchen to store various things, but would ADORE some more variety (they're all the same size... boooring)

    Love the printables, but I have been dying to use chalkboard paint to paint labels on jars and then use rainbow chalk to label them...

    Have tweeted from @Cara_CT


  21. Cathryn Bowles1/22/2013

    Here is may favourite use for Consol jars - - but also to fill with cookies, as gifts, or as a vessel in which to serve delicious individual desserts...mmm!

  22. Everything on your blog is just SO pretty, colourful and OH SO FEMININE! These Consol bottles just fit SO perfectly on your blog!! :O)

    I would use bigger bottles for our 2013 theme, "Make a difference", so every time we do something nice for someone or make a difference (whether big or small), we will put a little note in the jar and date it so that at the end of the year, we can remember all the good things that we did to make a difference in someone else's life this year!!

    If I was lucky enough to win these bottles, I would also use them to serve drinks and snacks for our "International Dress Up" party that we are having in Feb. (We have to dress up like a country and take a plate of eats and a drink from the selected country!) We haven't decided on a country yet but if we did Mexico for instance, we would dress the little bottles up as Mexicans and put salsa in some and put a Margaritas and Chia Fresca (Limonada (lemon and water) with chia seeds) in the jars.

    I am also in the process of redoing my 4 year old daughter's bedroom and it is ALWAYS a mission to find clips, hair elastics, jewellery and make up in her draws so I would use the bottles to organise those little things for her! I would paint little plastic birds in blue, pink, yellow and purple and glue them onto the lids to make the bottles match her bedroom theme (see link...only one I could find so you could see the idea

    Thanks for such a LOVELY competition!!

  23. Currently I use ancient Consol jars that belonged to my gran to store my washi tape collection but would love to win a few more... I need one for buttons, sweeties, ribbons, bracelets, kids toys etc etc

  24. There are so many wonderful uses for glass jars, i like keeping premixed cinnamon sugar and those type of things in them. As well as baked goods, such as biscuits and sweets. Have tweeted :)

  25. I love using (consol) glass bottles filled with icy filter water and either berries or lemon & lime. I keep them in the fridge and when guests arrive, it looks attractive and inviting when you offer them something to drink. Also looks very stylish on a dinner table.

  26. verushka ramasami1/27/2013

    Totally love the glass bottles a million uses in the home from serving yummy cocktails to storing homemade jams. These bottles i would use to bottle the ingredients for some of my fave recipes and give to friends as gifts with instructions on the labels. I would also use these jars to serve layered individual desserts the fact that these bottles come in different sizes and can be personalised for special events. I am currently planning a baby shower and a bridal shower for 2different friends these bottles would be awesome as part of the table decor, goodie bags.

  27. Hello Tammy! You have won. Please email me hello(at) :-)

  28. OH SCREAM!! Yay!! Thank you SO much Nadia! I am OVER THE MOON! :O)


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