Filofax Love

Another Trend Discovered via Instagram
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Last week I shared my penpal finds and this week I want to kick off by sharing another one of these random, but cool discoveries. I love organising and I love stationery and the huge Filofax trend encompasses both those things.  This is serious business, there are YouTube channels dedicated to Filofax love, Pinterest boards and many, many blogs too. I discovered this trend via Instagram, but once I started exploring and looking into it further, I found that it really is a huge industry! Creatives share their special pages, weekly plans and detailed layouts online. I love it! What amazes me is the amount of stationery that these lucky girls have, as well as a range of different Filofaxes! To view more pretty & creative posts - just click here.

On Instagram you can look at these hash tags to see more:

Here's to an organised week!

The pictured Filofaxes belong to these bloggers: