Vantastic by Kate Ulman

Retro Caravan Holidays in the Modern World
I recently discovered the lovely blog of Kate Ulman and with that her new book, which is being released this week...Vantastic! The caravan trend and our revived love of the pretty mobile holiday-home is no secret, but Kate has a new spin on our wheeled fantasies and it involves getting creative.

Here is a short intro taken from the book's description and details...

From caravan craft projects to tips on how to select the best caravan park, Kate Ulman takes a whimsical and nostalgic look at caravanning holidays in the modern world."

Kate and her family are seasoned caravanners, having spent six months travelling around Australia in their vintage caravan, stopping at many caravan parks and campsites along the way.

While travelling, Kate connected with thousands of like-minded travellers through her blog, Foxs Lane. And now Kate is sharing her travel advice, caravanning recipes, craft projects and photographs in this gorgeous book that may just inspire the retro caravanner in you.

It looks and sounds quite lovely, if you ask me and I hope to be lucky enough to add it to my bookshelf. Visit Kate's blog here or read more about the book here.