July Post Round-Up

A Few Posts from the Past Month

I am a bit flabbergasted that the year has already hit the half-way mark and beyond. July was a colourful blogging month, with a variety of topics. The monthly round-up is aimed at giving a few of the posts five more minutes of limelight and to ensure you didn’t miss any... of course!

The Penpal post was one of my favourites, due to the very nature of package sending. The Filofax post was another firm favourite!

Reloved Magazine is the new kid on the block, full of DIY repurposed and recycled ideas. 

Typo launched their newest range, colourful and just perfect in their usual style!

I visited the Whacky Market in Salt Rock and spotted some pretty things. This post also included some great advice from Wilna who started the market.

I wrapped loads of gifts and sent packages. I was also lucky enough to receive some post and packages myself. I shared a new Seven Things post with a few of the things I got up to.

The awesome Vantastic by Kate Ulman was something I just had to share with you. Can’t wait to get a copy and at some point I would love a caravan too!

I introduced a new element to the blog via my Newsletter and shared various snippets of info.

Shoppe in Durban was a treat to visit and I snapped their beautiful things with Instagram.

I also shared a few great tips from other creative business owners.

I have thrown in a bonus read via my House & Leisure posts - read them here.

Enjoy your weekend and be sure to come back on Monday for a birthay giveaway!