5 sleeps & counting...

Very excited about the market happening this Saturday.

Phew...the weekend is here!

This week two of my dearest and best friends are both away on lovely overseas holidays.  They are both in my thoughts as I wonder what adventures they are having.
Here at home...I will be working on a couple of projects I have on the go as well as hunting for...yes you guessed it...more buttons!

Far away inspiration found via the Etsy site's of Rebecca Plotnick's and Lucile's Kitchen.

What are your plans?
Happy weekend!

Durban as Inspiration

I haven't done one of these posts in a while, but I spotted these on a recent antique shopping trip and thought they were just lovely!

Dumpling Dynasty Dolly

I know...she is just adorable!
I was mostly conned into buying this dolly because of the kitsch tin that she came in, but on discovering all that was inside - I was very happy with my purchase.
Dumpling Dynasty use kitsch, Chinese packaging as the inspiration behind their products.  Take a look at their site for more bright and happy designs!

Button Update

Can you believe the weekend is over and the new week is upon us!  GOSH!

I had a very productive weekend.  One of the things that I did was sort some of the buttons that I have received from my Button Hunt.  The buttons that I can't use are off to the SPCA.  I have also managed to collect some other useful bits and bobs along the way in the form of binding and bobbins.  I have also added some vintage buttons to my button scoop which will be available at I heart Market on the 5th of February.
I have managed to fill quite a lot of jars to cart off to the SPCA and looking forward to filling even more!
You can still join the button hunt - just click here to find out how!
Thank you so much to those of you have already contributed!  Keep the buttons coming!
Happy week!

in a perfect world...

In a perfect world - we would drive around surrounded by sewing machines and the weekend would be five days long and the work 'week' only two days long!

my idea of a perfect world by Tomoko Suzuki

Happy weekend!
This weekend I will be working on some rosette orders, researching some ideas, taking a nap and enjoying my home!  How about you?

List Love

1.\  Very excited to take part in the February I heart Market!
2.\  Thank you for this very sweet and kind mention from a very lovely lady!
3.\  Make someone feel special this week - notice if they look pretty or have done something well.  You could really make their day.  Use the pictured poster as some inspiration (from Kind Over Matter).
4.\  I love sending and receiving post.  Send a letter, write a note or wrap a little package for a friend.
5.\  Do something kind for yourself...go to bed early, paint your nails or take some time out...have a cup of tea in a quite place and be happy!

Tea and Macaroons - Margaret Rose

Zazie fait de la bicyclette, bicyclette bicyclette

Bunting - Cupcake Couture

It was my friend Casey's birthday recently and of course that meant I had to think of a pretty and interesting gift for the girl who bought Frankie magazine to our little town of Durban!
She is clever, creative and did I mention she is also a doctor...there is a lot of 'amazingness' going on there!  Flattery aside - I thought that this bicycle bunting that I sewed and made some fun packaging for was just right to add to a couple of other gifts for Casey.
Bicycle bunting can be strung along your bicycle basket and soon you will be pedalling pretty with the bunting flapping in the breeze.

*If you still haven't made it on one of Sibling Mine's (Casey) bike outs then make sure you email her to find out when the next ride is!  Heavenly fun!
And to add to your bicyclette days...A very happy song by the Plastiscines.  *Take a listen.

Wedding Inspiration

Just because our wedding is over doesn't mean I am not inspired by unique weddings.
I came across Emma Case Photography via Twitter - a friend of the Emma Case thought the snaps of my talented friend Lauren (of our wedding) looked similar to that on the photographer's blog and so I delved into another wonderful wedding world.  Enjoy these delightful snippets of joy captured at its best!

Note*  Thanks again for shopping in the sale.  Sale items will be mailed out tomorrow. 

New in our home

Thank you for the kind and lovely comments this week.  I hope you have enjoyed the sale.  There are only a couple of pieces left.

Daniel...my husband (getting used to saying that) has been busy at work making sure all the pieces in our home look their best.  A new addition to the family recently joined our retro furniture collection, in the form of a very interesting chest of drawers. 
Look out for more retro items, useful storage pieces and colourful combos from the Woodnewz team in 2011.

Daniel's Desk

Cupcake Couture SALE

Let the sale begin...
Notes for shopping the sale:
Pick your favourite sale item (or two).
Send me an email to tell me which you have picked and I will send you my banking details.
Once payment is made - your pretty package with be en route to you.
Postage within South Africa is included in the sale price.  If you are in Durban I will either deliver your package to you or you can collect it at the next I heart Market.
And there you have it...something new to accessorise with in 2011!

A bonus for DURBAN shoppers - if you shop the sale you will get 10% off you next purchase from the Cupcake Couture stall at I heart Market.  Next market - 5th February.

Ribbon Rosette # 1
Usual Price:  R90
Sale Price:  R60

Ribbon Rosette # 2
Usual Price:  R100
Sale Price:  R60

This is an elasticated belt - fits any size
Usual Price:  R120
Sale Price:  R60

Usual Price:  R90
Sale Price:  R60

Size of Notebook:   A6
Usual Price:  R90
Sale Price:  R60

The two pairs on the left are normal earrings on posts (for pierced ears) the pair on the right are clip on.
Usual Price:  R40 a pair
Sale Price:  R20 a pair
Clip on Pair - SOLD

If you have any questions - please feel free to email me...


It starts on Monday - so click back then.
Happy Weekend! x


Just a quick reminder that The Package Project will be back in 2011.

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